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> Dum Dum



Genre : Tactical, Building Game

Main Roles : #Game Designer
#Scrum Master

Team : 

- 1x Game Designer

- 1x Level Designer

- 1x Gameplay Scripter

- 1x Programmer

- 3x 2D Artists

- 1x VFX Artist

Duration : 6 Months

Join three dinosaurs on a wild adventure in a land controlled by a tyrannical cat army hell-bent on taking over the world. Create and command an army to defeat the evil felines and get back home.



> My Contribution to Dum Dum Dinos

I worked as Lead Game Designer

GAME DESIGN | Photoshop, Powerpoint
- Game System Design
- User Experience Design - PC & Mobile

- 3C

LEAD | Jira, Drive, Discord
- Management of Game & Level Design unit
- Work closely with Art & Dev Team
- Planning & Assets Lists

TECH | Unity, Git-SourceTree,
- Unity Integration
- Versioning


> High Level Document


The game concept was made by the studio Director Alexandre Guillout. The core of the game came from a grid system he developed on unity. Except from him, The whole team was an internship students squad and I was recruited to take the lead of the design when he was programing on his free time.

When I dive in the project, the design was a bit rough but the main idea was already built. My work on the project was to create and/or enhanced design systems to make the game deeper and more enjoyable. I did a lot of mock-ups and documents because the type of game was very much linked to the UI.

Exemple - Add a roll out phase

At the beginning (left picture), you had to build on 3 separate grids to let the game know on which lane your units will spawn (automaticaly) during the fight. You had no idea what the enemy will choose as unit and you cannot adapt your strategy so it was kind of random.

On the new version (right picture), the map where you build is for all your lanes, and you will position your troops yourself during a new roll out phase. During this phase, you will see what the enemy is using as troops and you can try to answer the best as you can, positioning your troops to win.


Old Version


New Version

> Roll Out Phase Exemple

> Gallery

Here are a samples of the others design documents and visuals I done for the game

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